Aurora EXPO is a comprehensive event that will bring together the best representatives of the business world to exchange ideas, experience and vision of business processes.

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Makszim Mákos

Makszim is an Account Manager at Jasmin and a Trainer at Jasmin Campus. He started his carrier at Online Model Support 1,5 years ago. As he grow more interested in the industry and widened his knowledge about our partners, he decided to work in a closer business relationship with them and joined the Account Management Team. Previously he had experience with training people, therefore he participates in our Model/Studio training programs, for example: Jasmin Campus.

Jelena Hodobay

Jelena is a Trainer at Jasmin Campus, focusing on developing models’ skill to make them more successful on the site . She began her carrier as Account Manager at Jasmin 1 year ago. She got fascinated of the vast opportunities and challenges the models need to face in their every day’s work. Therefore she decided to use her expertise on this field.

Hadisha Sovetova

Hadisha is an Account Manager at Jasmin and a Trainer at Jasmin Campus. She has started working at the company half year ago. She also studies in acting school, therefore she has a great experience to train models and advise them how to be more successful on the site.

Independent model

Participant in the global marketing company Jasmin.
Nominated for LiveCamAwards as the “Best Female Livecam Model.”
The creator of her own brand.
The world’s first webcam performer, awarded the international festival of alternative short films (twice).
Participant of the documentary film “Camlife”, released in December 2018.

“Started as“ just work, ”for me, working on camera has become a close connection between personal business and a vital passion for creativity and art. And I’m ready to share my thoughts with you if you have questions.”

Andra Chirnogeanu

PR & Marketing Manager for Studio20. She is responsible for the marketing and branding of Studio20’s over 20 studios and building brands out of Studio20’s top models in magazines and social media.
She has been working with all Studio20 franchises from Romania, Colombia, US and Hungary, gaining experience in the European, US and Colombian webcam market.
Despite being in the industry for a bit over 3 years, she has won several awards for her work like Industry Representative, Marketing Exec of the Year and Best Marketing Campaign. She has been featured in mainstream magazines like Vice, BBC, InfoBae Argentina, Voyage LA and has been the voice for the #girlsfromstudio20 as well as for Studio20 in industry magazines like AW News, YNOT, Camlife, etc.
She also has multiple TV and radio appearances with Studio20 and promoting the cam industry worldwide.

Her expertise in the cam industry, from opening cam studios to training models and teaching them how to promote themselves makes her a true professional.

Andra is also the Event Director of Bucharest Summit, the business-oriented summit of Romania, opened to every niches of the industry.

If you need advice in opening or growing your cam studio or how you can showcase your models and studio during the most professional adult entertainment conference of Romania, you can reach out to Andra during Aurora Summit.

Katya Tiuni

Professional model’s trainer
ex-model and studio owner, in cam industry for more than 13 years
CEO and founder “Model’s Guide”.
Mission and Vision of project: To help webcam models rapidly achieve success and TOP earnings by creating authentic brands, style and self growth.
“We believe that webcam modelling will become a prestige profession and lifestyle, allowing you to become a successful, independent, individual person. Towards this end we disseminate information and knowledge about the cam industry, showing through personal examples how webcam models have gained freedom and created their best life.”


Image-expert and life-coach “Model’s Guide”
Stylist and mentor for models
Performer rooms designer.
Her task is attractive appearance and self-confidence of models.

Evgenia Antipova

Development Director Training Center “Pink Rabbit”

Practicing psychologist



Michel Alejandro Zarate


Business Development Manager

Michel Alejandro is responsible to provide professional consulting on how to successfully build a JASMIN studio