The city of Federal importance, the cultural capital of Russia, Russian Venice, the favorite brainchild of Peter 1 — all these are the names of St. Petersburg. The most beautiful city in Russia. Few cities can boast of such architectural and cultural heritage as St. Petersburg.

St. Petersburg is a real Imperial city and the cultural capital of Russia.

It is located near the Eastern end of the Gulf of Finland in the Baltic sea. The climate in St. Petersburg is humid, close to the sea, with moderately warm summers. The average temperature in summer is +18°C. In dry hot weather, the air temperature can reach +25°C…+30°C.

Hotels range from mid-range to exclusive 4-and 5-star hotels. Aurora EXPO will be held in one of these hotels.

Venue: Hotel “St. Petersburg

How to get to Saint Petersburg?

  1. Travelling by car? We recommend Google Maps
  2. Travelling by plane:

You can download the Uber app, the Yandex Taxi and Gettaxi. Depending on the size of your group, you can also choose larger cars or vans.

Visa information

Visa to Russia is required for most countries of the world, except South America and some countries of the middle East and Asia