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List of items presented in the package

Transfer of Jasmin staff and guests

Airport-hotel-airport transfer by bus or minibus for Jasmin staff and guests (depends upon your group)


  1. Your logo at the Summit booklet frontpage
  2. Your big logo at the Summit website homepage
  3. Your reference in the press release
  4. Your reference in the Summit SNS pages
Red party

  1. Hotel-club-hotel transfer
  2. Hostesses for your guests (upon request)
  3. Your press-wall at the entrance to the Club
  4. VIP entrance
  5. VIP bar for Jasmin staff
  6. Branding at the Club
  7. Your on-screen promo

  1. Priority check-in
  2. Welcome dinner in Day 1 (5 persons)
  3. Entertainment show at the dinner
  4. Yacht tour in the Neva river after the dinner

  1. Priority registration
  2. Academy conference hall for 200 persons (2 days)
  3. Interpreters (upon request, 2 days)
  4. Your presentation at the Summit (1 hour)
  5. Your refreshment break area at the sundeck
  6. A table for your swag

  1. Branding at the Academy conference hall (2 days)
  2. Your lobby banner (Floor 2)
  3. Hostesses for your guests
  4. Swag (3 items in your branded bag)
    1. Promotional video of the company in the registration area for the summit, lasting up to two minutes throughout the summit
Right of refusal in 2020